VOTING CODE:  64700 (voting page)
VENUE:  The B.O.B. in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, MI
WHEN:  SEPTEMBER 20th - OCTOBER 8th, 2017
The best time to come? 9/20 - 9/30 so you can vote!

Artist's Statement.

This work focuses on the human eye and all of its magnificent detail. I'm pushing boundaries into a new technique that I'm developing and I'm experimenting with a larger scale. 

I spent many years as a scientist studying the eye and I've drawn them since I was quite young. 
In fact, I recently gave a TEDx talk where I talked about this: WATCH IT HERE.

Are eyes the "windows to the soul”? 
What can you learn when you study/render the eyes of another? 
What commonalities and differences can you appreciate? 

Through precise detail with watercolor, carbon dust, colored pencil, chalk, ink & sharpie, this work asks you to explore the seemingly "everyday" so you might realize that no human eye is commonplace at all. 


  • 09.10.17 - My piece is up and on-display at The B.O.B. in Grand Rapids! (see image at top of this page)
  • 09.01.17 - The custom aluminum frame has been delivered!
  • 05.09.17 - Excited to announce that I'm returning to The B.O.B for ArtPrize 2017! 
  • 04.18.17 - I've begun spending a lot of time in my studio getting this sucker started.
  • 04.17.17 - I am registered and my profile page is live! Just waiting to begin the process of finding a venue!
  • 04.05.17 - Time lapse posted to YouTube

Example Time Lapse of My Novel Technique.

A blue eye with freckles done in mixed media by yours truly (over the course of about 3 hours) on April 5, 2017. The final is about 6x6"; watercolor, pencil, carbon dust, white chalk, and ink.


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You are so good at drawing, it is messed up.
— Mackenzie Milquetoast