VOTING CODE:  66731 (voting page)
VENUE:  The B.O.B. in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, MI
WHEN:  SEPTEMBER 19th - OCTOBER 9th, 2017
The best time to come? 9/19 - 9/29 so you can vote!

Artist's Statement.

Boundaries are man-made; there are no beginnings or endings in nature. Anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics - the science supports our interconnectedness. We are pulled away from each other under false pretenses. This piece visually explores connection and blurs the lines between objects that we perceive as individual.

Further, this work celebrates the diversity of people - composition, texture, and often over-looked qualities. Through precise detail in carbon dust (a combination of powdered graphite + charcoal), white ink, and sharpie, these works ask you to explore the seemingly "everyday" so you might realize that they are inherently not commonplace at all.

In 2017, they gave a TEDx talk about their lifelong passion for science and art. You can view it here:


  • 09.09.18 - My piece is up and on-display at The B.O.B. in Grand Rapids! (lower level in the Brewery)

  • 09.07.18 - The framing is done at American Frame!

  • 06.01.18 - Excited to announce that I'm returning to The B.O.B for ArtPrize 2018! Third time’s the charm!

  • 04.17.18 - I am registered and my profile page is live! Just waiting to begin the process of finding a venue!

  • 11.25.17 - Piece Begun!


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