It is the word. What more can be said?

Oh, that's right - I keep drawing/painting birds and I really don't know why! I'm not some big bird-o-phile or something. Oh, who am I to question such things; I will continue to use them in my work.

There are many pencil drawings in this gallery and all of the color is watercolor. The half-shelled egg is on creme-colored paper, the wee white feather is on brown paper, and the indigo bunting "bust" was create on paper toned with conte and coffee.

The undergraduate (UG) pieces were created at The Field Museum of Chicago and the Lincoln Park Zoo. The lone graduate school piece was my first foray into digital illustration (using Photoshop)... that chicken wing was purchased at Eastern Market in Baltimore.

🔴   = sold
🔵   = for sale (shop)

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G = graduate school work
UG = undergraduate work