A Time Lapse Video of the First Two Hours of a Derby Portrait.

Photograph in the video © Joe Mac



  • 05.03.16 - Dreamy is DONE! Time to hang the show!
  • 05.02.16 - Momo is done!
  • 05.01.16 - Fracture is DONE too! 
  • 04.29.16 - Kat's portrait is DONE! See it on the upper left!
  • 04.11.16 - Two more portraits underway - Dreamy & Momo!
  • 04.08.16 - Two new portraits have begun! Kat & Fracture Mechanics! All in prep for my 1st solo show of this work!

Older News.

  • 09.09.14 - Terror Misu is complete! Time to buy frames!
  • 08.31.14 - Rose-Colored Sasses' portrait is complete!
  • 08.29.14 - Bye-bye self-portrait! Off to London!
  • 08.02.14 - The portraits were on display at the Ann Arbor Derby Dimes' bout!
  • 07.31.14 - Perfect Upzette's portrait is complete, framed, and off to the Univ. of Michigan's Employee Art Exhibition! Opens August 18th!
  • 07.21.14 - Put the finishing touches on my self-portrait that's off to London, UK for the Derwent Art Prize competition (not to be confused with ArtPrize in Michigan!)
  • 07.20.14 - Heavy Petting Zoo's portrait is done!
  • 07.17.14 - Jax & Vicious' double portrait is done!
  • 06.12.14 - Hi-Death's portrait is done!
  • 06.04.14 - I HAVE A VENUE!! Thank you, Mitten Brewing Co.! More HERE (pics too)
  • 06.03.14 - Jax/Vicious and Hi-Death will be the next finished pieces. Also, found a place to get them scanned. Yay!
  • 06.02.14 - Strawberries & Scream is also now in a state of completeness!  
  • 05.27.14 - The first drawing is complete - Michelle O'BombYa! 
  • 05.15.14 - 11 drawings are now in progress. All of them (plus probably one more) will be in some state of finished for First Friday on the 6th. Still waiting to be paired with a venue. 
  • 05.09.14 - 6 pieces are now in progress! Working toward 10 for the June First Friday where they will have their public debut. More about this HERE.
  • 04.30.14 - I've reached out to 5 venues in the hopes of making a connection to show! Wish me luck!
  • 04.21.14 - I am registered and my profile page is live! Just waiting to begin the process of finding a venue!


Progress Photos

Copious thanks to Andrew Potter Photography and Joe Mac for providing me with the reference photos. Invaluable!

How the Paper is Prepared - Thanks, Ann Arbor Roller Derby!

Luna & Nailer help tone the drawing paper.

You are so good at drawing, it is messed up
— Mackenzie Milquetoast