ArtPrize 2014

I'm considering an entry in ArtPrize 2014. It sounds like an amazing time and let's be honest, my student loans quake at the monetary prizes they hand down.

Lots to think about as the most obvious entry would be my Drawing-A-Day project. I mean, it's a LARGE series, so that's probably of interest to some folks. The sticky wicket is that I have no clue how I'd display it. Most of the drawings are in a sketchbook (see pic below)... and some are stand-alone. Some of the pieces have been sold or given away. Hell, after 7 years, I bet there are some I can't find. :/

Displaying prints seems lame, but it would look A LOT more impressive to individually print each piece and hang it. Maybe I could display the original pages as well? Hmph. The solution is eluding me. Thoughts?

Saffy questions my decision-making.