Hanging Art Prize - In Pictures (and Info About Voting)

My pieces will be hanging from now until October 12th at The Mitten Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, MI. If you like this project, I would sure appreciate your vote - that can be done IN (and only in) the greater Grand Rapids area from Sept. 24th - Oct. 4th (info here about voting). My artist number for voting is 56760

It's Game Time.

Upzette is a winner! Best in the Drawing category!

Upzette is a winner! Best in the Drawing category!

As silly as it might seem, I get nervous over everything where my work is on public display. Yes, "even" an employee art exhibition. There were 200 entrants vying for awards and lookit me! I got one! I'm very honored! Perhaps this will lead to more partnerships with U of Mich to display my work - the ladies talked to me about it - so, stay tuned for that.

Next on to ArtPrize...

Terror Misu, the 10th completed derby portrait.

Terror Misu, the 10th completed derby portrait.

All eight derby portraits are ready for framing in preparation for ArtPrize in Grand Rapids! The official hanging of the show is Sept 17th - I cannot fathom how time got me here already! I'll post some pictures documenting all of this. 

Now I'm going to go try not to fantasize too much about winning ArtPrize. That, ladies and gentlemen and everyone, would (and I'm not even remotely kidding) change my life.

Scanning the Final Derby Portraits Myself

Eff it. I'm scanning these derby portraits and tiling them together in Photoshop. One place here in Ann Arbor wanted FIFTY-EIGHT DOLLARS PER DRAWING to scan. Ha! 

I think my little Epson scanner did just fine with these:



Jax & Vicious

Jax & Vicious

Murder by Proxy

Murder by Proxy

Scargyle - Self-portrait

Scargyle - Self-portrait

A Lovely Night for Derby & Art

The derby portraits, hung up at Buhr Park for the  Ann Arbor Derby Dimes'  bout!

The derby portraits, hung up at Buhr Park for the Ann Arbor Derby Dimes' bout!

It was a great night for derby and to talk to folks about my work! I'm bummed that I didn't announce that this was happening here in the News beforehand... I don't know what I was thinking on that front.

Anyway, I'm so grateful to have met so many wonderful folks last night and am SO happy to have such a supportive league that let me have this little show.

Lastly, if you look closely at the ground (above), there were four blank pieces of drawing paper taped down! You know what that means... New art is coming!! 

TONIGHT ONLY! Derby Portraits on Display!

If you are in the region, you might consider stopping by Massage Mechanics @ 11/13 Cross Street, Ypsilanti, MI to see all of the portraits I've been doing for Art Prize! They will be up from 6-9pm. 

Not to be a braggart, or anything, but they are MUCH nicer in person that via these camera phone pics :)

Art Prize Update: Venue Connection! I'm showing at The Mitten Brewing Co.!

We here at... oh hell, it's just me, who am I kidding... **I** am thrilled, humbled, excited, and blessed to announce that I have paired with a venue for Art Prize in Grand Rapids! The Mitten Brewing Co. was one of the first venues I contacted. It's a restored firehouse on the west side of GR - it's a perfect pairing! There will be an opening before Art Prize officially opens... stay tuned for more info!

THANK YOU to all of you who are supporting me and this project! See it HERE.


The First Friday Art Show is in 4 Days!

Just to recap:

An early preview of my Art Prize derby portraits will take place at Massage Mechanics (#12 below) on Friday, June 6th from 6-9pm! Local folks, come on out and see all of these lovely ladies (and gents - soon!) for yourself at Ypsi's June First Friday. I'd love to see/meet you :)

Progress of an Eye - From Base Tones to Detail

Thought this would be interesting to look at. Some times I think something is way further along than it is. So, I took 'before' and 'after' pictures (with a camera better than my iPhone's) to see how much an area of a drawing can change in a short amount of time.

I hope you find it interesting too.

Rose-Colored Sasses' left eye: before (left) and after (right). Carbon dust.