After Decades of Trepidation, Artist (Me, it's Me) FINALLY Tries Oil Painting!


My first oil painting is done! I *can't believe* I finally shoved through all of my fear (DECADES of it!) and gave it a shot. Despite what my posts might have conveyed, I fought hard at the beginning - it didn't look *at all* how I wanted and the paint responded SO differently from what I'm used to (watercolor, ink, pencil). I knew this might happen... I'm not so cocky to think this would be a cakewalk. And because of that, I did what all my teachers have taught me: I stepped back, took a lot of deep breaths, drank half a beer, and I KEPT GOING. **You MUST keep going**. Also, I decided that I needed to not be bothered if this went badly (my definition of the word, of course). I was learning - I'm *always* learning (with everything, no matter how long I've worked at it) but right now especially so.

I now understand how people "fall into" painting (losing track of time, etc). I fall into drawing too (especially large pieces) but this was different. AND I LOVED IT.

I can't wait to do more. I'm especially keen to try one of my tiny still lives! What do you all think? What should I paint next?

PS: I LOVE being able to see brushstrokes! Look below for a super-close-up I did in Photoshop to see what I mean. My other mediums just don't do this!