A new website... again? Well, let's be fair - it's been over a year. ;)

I've been hard-coding my own websites for well over a decade now. It was a fun exercise and I learned a TON doing it, but, these days I've had a priority shift. It takes a long time to create and implement a website when you're doing it on your own. 

I've determined that I'm way more interested in developing CONTENT for my little slice of the web-u-verse rather than an innovative design in which to place those things. Honestly, the latter was totally getting in the way of the former... and had been for many years. Once the design was in place and I had some artwork up, I was spent.  

So, this is the next phase!  

I'm excited to make meganlovestodraw rich with content related to art, science, derby, all of the things that I love. Eventually megalo-media.com will re-direct here as well (after I navigate my old hosting company's super un-user-friendly help guides to make it happen.

Lemme know if there's anything amiss... or great.  

I hope you like this place. 

xo megan