After Decades of Trepidation, Artist (Me, it's Me) FINALLY Tries Oil Painting!


My first oil painting is done! I *can't believe* I finally shoved through all of my fear (DECADES of it!) and gave it a shot. Despite what my posts might have conveyed, I fought hard at the beginning - it didn't look *at all* how I wanted and the paint responded SO differently from what I'm used to (watercolor, ink, pencil). I knew this might happen... I'm not so cocky to think this would be a cakewalk. And because of that, I did what all my teachers have taught me: I stepped back, took a lot of deep breaths, drank half a beer, and I KEPT GOING. **You MUST keep going**. Also, I decided that I needed to not be bothered if this went badly (my definition of the word, of course). I was learning - I'm *always* learning (with everything, no matter how long I've worked at it) but right now especially so.

I now understand how people "fall into" painting (losing track of time, etc). I fall into drawing too (especially large pieces) but this was different. AND I LOVED IT.

I can't wait to do more. I'm especially keen to try one of my tiny still lives! What do you all think? What should I paint next?

PS: I LOVE being able to see brushstrokes! Look below for a super-close-up I did in Photoshop to see what I mean. My other mediums just don't do this!



One More Day to Vote for my Self-Portrait!

If you haven't seen it before, this roller derby self-portrait was created with carbon dust/pencil on paper that I had my derby teammates skate over. So, dirt & rink crud is definitely part of thee piece. This was the first attempt at what would be my series for last year's Art Prize. So, if you like it, could you give me a vote? Voting closes tomorrow:

Thank you!

Voting Open for my Self-Portrait!

My roller derby self-portrait, 2014, carbon dust & roller skate dirt.

My roller derby self-portrait, 2014, carbon dust & roller skate dirt.

I almost totally forgot that I entered a self-portrait competition in February... voting opened on April 6th <facepalm>  and closes on the 21st (next week! gah!).

I would love it, if you'd give me a vote:  


Bon Voyagé, Self-Portrait! London or Bust!

I'm a little nervous, you see.&nbsp;

I'm a little nervous, you see. 

Letting go of a piece is always a bit emotional for me. "Will I ever see it again?" inevitably pops into my head. Welp, nothing risked, nothing gained. Off to the post office!

The People's Choice vote for this piece is ongoing HERE, if you'd like to throw a vote my way (hint - don't click the FB 'like' button, click the 'vote' button).

Me, post-derby.

Me, post-derby.