Submitted - Toys Exhibition @ The Toledo Museum of Art

Monster Sprue, 2015, watercolor & pencil, 9" x 10"

In just under the wire - phew! I've submitted this watercolor to a toy-themed exhibition at The Toledo Museum of Art. I'll find out next week if it's been accepted! Wish me luck! PS: This was VERY fun to draw & paint. I've been wanting to do something like this for an eon, it seems.

New Gallery Show in Chicago Opens March 22nd

These brand new pieces will be on display at the Ian Sherwin Gallery on the northside of Chicago from March 22nd - April 22nd. Please inquire with the gallery about purchasing!

Update! The Foil Bunny piece is sold!

Update, part II! The Jelly Beans piece is sold!

Update, part III! The Wind-Up Flipping Puppy is sold!

Update, part IV! The Army Man & Rocket Erasers are sold!

Update, part V! The Voodoo Doll is sold!