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Google Translate says, "I brought you candy because the flowers is perishable and then candy, it's so good especially when they are chewed by Megan Foldenauer who also painted many other things as candy, like a nut or hush -puppy or Ken head or an old TV or a duck, a bike, a Tiffany lamp since 2014, she decided to make a miniature work a day for all to see, her website here is a pretty good solution..."

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365 Days/365 Artists

Briefly describe the work you do.

Of late, my work has been quite varied – different media, sizes, subjects. That said, it is always firmly planted in realism. Professionally, I am a medical illustrator and work in a Department of Neurosurgery. There I create anatomical and surgical images alongside health professionals for print and online use. Personally, I am about to reach my 500th drawing/painting in my small drawing-a-day series and I recently finished a series of large portraiture. My media-of-choice are pencil (Berol 3H/HB/4B are always in my arsenal), watercolor, Verithin colored pencils, and carbon dust. At work, I primarily draw and use digital media.


Marking a Mark - Derwent Art Prize

The Derwent Art Prize 2014 celebrates pencil art and its current exhibition at the Mall Galleries is very successful at demonstrating the range of artwork and approaches to making art that can be seen in contemporary pencil art today.

This post has:

  • a video of my walk round the Derwent Art Prize 2014 exhibition - to give you a feel for what it it looks like
  • some general observations about the exhibition
  • the artworks which caught my eye - including those that I would have had on my short list for prizewinners

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Art Nectar Profile: Small Drawings With Large Impact

Megan E. Bluhm started a project called 365 Days of Drawing in August 2009, by which she draws at least one object a day, and continued on with the project throughout 2010. Here are some of those drawings in her ongoing project that show us bigger is not always better.
— Art Nectar

Willow Street Creative - Eye Candy

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 12.49.48 PM.png
Megan E. B. Foldenauer, my colleague, fellow MI and friend is one of those people with amazing talent, and amazing personality to match. She is a biomedical illustrator by trade with a Masters degree from the same program I attended and now teach at, Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She is very active in the field, but increasingly finds herself dabbling in her “fine art” which looks as realistic as her illustration work.
— Jennifer Fairman