The Illustration Age: The Brilliant Work of Megan Foldenauer

The Brilliant Work of Megan Foldenauer. That is a literal statement. Unlike me and most of the rest of us doodling fools, Megan has a Doctorate in Philosophy. Yes, you read that right in addition to a couple of Baccalaureate’s in art and science and a Masters of Arts degree, Megan is a PhD. So stop your doodling and your chicken scratching and head over to see some amazing work. I have always been enamored with medical illustration, it is an old art form which has actually contributed something to the world. While it needs to be precise, there is room for interpretation and design in order to make anatomy and medical techniques useful as a teaching and informational tools. Megan has loads of great medical and scientific work here. I also like her portraiture. See it here and a very cool time-lapse video of her carbon dust technique here.
— Mark Kaufman